Zionism contra feminism?

A rare political-ish post.

The topic is Zionism versus “intersectional” feminism (thanks Wonder Woman), and the way that hashes out in bizarre articles like this one.

A juicy summarizing quote: “It’s an open question about whether it’s possible to support Zionism while also proposing useful iterations of feminism and racial justice.” The author’s answer from the beginning is “nope,” by the way. No explanation required.

You can tell he’s smart because he points to books.

I grok the idea of opposing injustice toward disenfranchised groups like Palestinians (because duh), and I get supporting a two-state solution (because duh). What I want to know is, apart from the social justice angle, what do people mean by their polemical use of the word “Zionist“? Are they referring to all-or-nothing single-state partisans? If that’s the case, then they’re simply conflating “Zionist” with “zealot” without taking present or historical reality into account. That comes across to me as a pale leftist imitation of Trump’s methods. Or is there something else going on that I’m missing?   

I mean, it’s really, really easy to interpret whole paragraphs of the above article as anti-Semitic, or least as purposefully baiting that response. For instance, the author uses certain triumphant portrayals of Israel to stand in for anyone in America who supports the very existence of Israel: “Israel as the Superman-like Solomon, dispensing unerring just terror from above, is part of the mainstream American ideology in this godforsaken nation of bigots.”

Thinking of slicing and dicing them Palestinians!

The author also decides it’s OK to replace reason with arbitrary table-pounding moralism about who’s allowed in the treehouse of justice. A 2014 Facebook post against Hamas by (Wonder Woman) Gal Gadot apparently “invalidates Gadot as a feminist icon, and Wonder Woman as well, when the character is brought to life by Gadot.” (The supposed “intersectional” idea here, in case you missed it, is to purify the bathwater of any remnants of white patriarchy by tossing out everything in the tub, especially the “Zionists.”)

But the author explicitly notes that these same standards don’t apply to people like Mel Gibson.

It’s easier to picture Mel Gibson with your eyes closed.

I’ve often found myself in the position of viewing pro-Israel friends as paranoid and missing the point in their eagerness to blame anyone but Israel every time that country misuses its power. But the sort of divisive rhetoric I’m seeing from some people on the left (including otherwise friendly people I know) is starting to justify that paranoia.


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